2024 CFA Level 1 Video Lectures - by Kaplan Schweser

2024 CFA Level 1 Video Lectures - by Kaplan Schweser

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2023 CFA Level I Curriculum Syllabus is divided in 93 learning modules based on which student will be tested in exams.

These Video Lectures are aligned with the curriculum and present the concepts in an easily understandable manner. It includes Example videos as well.

Watching the videos helps to reinforce your understanding and grasping of concepts.
For each Learning module you will find detailed video covering Solved Examples as well.

Presented in 10 Subjects

1.Quantitative Methods
2.Ethical and Professional Standards
4.Alternative Investments
5.Financial Statement Analysis
7.Corporate Issuers
8.Portfolio Management
9.Equity Investments
10.Fixed Income

Wishing you all the very best for each and every one of your future endeavours.